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firefox tabsearch extension - tab searching == win.

What is tabsearch?

It's a firefox extension that lets you quickly search your tabs by URL and page title.

How do I use it?

Type keywords, and only the matching tabs will remain showing.
  • Activate the search by pressing CTRL+' (single quote).
  • Pressing enter will go to the first tab.
  • Escape cancels your search. Cancelling means it will restore all the tabs hidden while searching.
  • Clicking anywhere else (other than in the input box) will cancel the search

Compatibility with other extensions

The following tab-enhancing extensions are known to work properly along side tabsearch:
  • Tab mix plus
  • Vertigo

Compatibility with firefox versions

The following firefox versions are known to work with tabsearch 20080430:
  • Firefox 3.0b5
  • Firefox

Screencast demo

View Screencast (req. Flash 6 or better)