xdo Struct Reference

The main context. More...

#include <xdo.h>

Data Fields

Display * xdpy
 The Display for Xlib.
char * display_name
 The display name, if any.
int charcodes_len
XModifierKeymap * modmap
KeySym * keymap
int keycode_high
int keycode_low
int keysyms_per_keycode
int close_display_when_freed
 Should we close the display when calling xdo_free?
int quiet
 Be extra quiet? (omits some error/message output).
int debug
 Enable debug output?
int features_mask
 Feature flags, such as XDO_FEATURE_XTEST, etc.

Detailed Description

The main context.

Field Documentation

The display name, if any.

NULL if not specified.

Feature flags, such as XDO_FEATURE_XTEST, etc.


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