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Yahoo! Hackday '08

Woot. Another Yahoo! Hackday :)

Same basic structure as the one held 2 years ago at the same location (Y!'s Sunnyvale campus): free concert, free api tutorial sessions, and a 24-hour idea-to-implementation challenge.

The only bad part, which was the only bad part about the last hackday, was the presence of startup companies presenting their product as their 'hack'. This year's overall winner was Xoopit which won simply on not a hack but on Xoopit's product, which has been around for a while. Maybe I was already annoyed at Xoopit for plastering their stickers all over Yahoo's cafeteria.

Big frownyface to all the companies who used hackday submissions as an advertising feature.

Ignoring those silly people, the rest of the hackday festivities were quite good. The concert was a bit strange but still very entertaining - Girl Talk puts on quite a show. My favorite hacks, mostly because of the entertainment value of the presentation and the hacks, were iHeater and Moshpit.

My hack, as listed on

    * hack: SnackUpon
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    * people: Jordan Sissel
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Slides are here Super huge thanks to Yahoo! for hosting another hackday near me; it was fantastic.