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urledit firefox extension project page is up.

I put up a project page for the new urledit extension. It includes download links and a screencast demo.


Firefox URL Editor extension ready.

Last week, I posted about a new firefox extension I was working on that would let you edit the contents of the urlbar more easily. Well, I have good news. It's alive.

The current incarnation is very basic, but I have some ideas for how to extend it in the future. I won't go into that now.

This extension adds a menu item to the context menu in the url bar labeled 'Edit URL'. This will bring up a dialog box with a table of key-value pairs listed. You can edit, add, or delete entries. Clicking 'OK' will modify the url based on your changes. It automatically unescapes values and re-escapes them later.

Download urledit.xpi

Firefox URL Editor extension - in progress.

The goal of this project is to allow me to edit any parameter in the url bar quickly, rather than having to scroll slowly and inaccurately across the single line that is the urlbar. This is extremely necessary when you're dealing with long urls.

Firefox tab search extension

I'm tired of searching through my piles of open tabs in firefox using only my eyes. Make the computer do the hard work! To fix this, I wrote an extension that will let you quickly search (unobtrusively!) your open tabs. Super useful. Check out the project page:

View the screencast demo

Visit the firefox-tabsearch project page