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XML Presenter, or how I hate PowerPoint.

Long-story-short: I wanted a web-based presentation system that was easy and fast. It took me a few hours to get it finished, but it's definatley at a 1.0 stage now. I'm going to add a few more cool features as time progresses, but don't hold your breath.

The project page has enough of a description of the project that I won't bother discussing it here. Clicky!

Link: XML Presenter

xml, xslt, and kioskweb!

I put some more work into my kiosk interface today. I made the keyboard widget highly pluggable, such that you can drop one anywhere on a page. The particular place I wanted to try this first was on the Drink machine login page.


If you do a 'view source' on that page, you'll see that it looks somewhat like html, but there's this little widget tag that you shouldn't recognize. An xslt sheet turns that tag into something more useful - Look in your dom inspector for the actual result. This shows you how I'm somewhat planning on building this web-based kiosk interfacing system.

The end result will be that you can write your pages in psuedo XHTML and drop in fully featured widgets with simple tags like the widget tag. I currently support two forms of input (xml-wise) - those are XHTML with slight modifications and something I came up with that's less html-oriented. An example of this can be seen in this directory: projects/kioskweb/demo/xml

The entire interface is in xml, any html pages you may load are actually static html pages generated from xml. If you want to take a look at my xslt sheet, then click here. Opera 8 does not appear to support doing xslt client-side, so if you are using opera the pages won't render properly if at all.

This project is going to be all over xml/xslt like a donkey on a waffle.


XSLT is pretty neato. You can do basic operations (looping, comparisions, math, etc) with the intention of translating XML into something else, such as HTML.
I got bored tonight and decided to play with it and the results are kinda neato.
Some links to an awesome tutorial on XSLT (and XPath):
XSLT Tutorial
XPath Tutorial

Anyhoo, check it out:
The XML File, but it'll be translated using the XSL Template (This link is broken)
The XSL Template (This link is broken)