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keynav with xinerama support

This is the same post I made to the keynav-users mailing list

I just finished working on the xinerama portion of multi-screen support for keynav.

If someone is interested, I could use some help testing. It's working for me, and there are a few odd behaviors that I'm not sure are the best. Let me know if you test it.

No new official release yet, but if you want to test, svn can be fetched with:
svn checkout

- Include support for multiple screens.
  * When 'start' happens, the region will be the size of the current display
    (wherever the mouse is)
  * Moving the region outside of the current display will move it to the next
    display (right or left). This currently only works with Xinerama.
  * History works as expected (move to the right display, history-back goes to
    the previous display, etc)
  * When multiple Screen (non-xinerama) are found, XGrabKey on all root windows.
  * Screens are sorted, if possible, from left-to-right based on x-coordinate
    origin. This unfortuntely means, for now, only left-to-right monitor
    configurations are known to be supported.

keynav in Xinerama

I've got a dual-head setup now that has unequal resolutions. Keynav kind of sucks when this situation occurs, so I'm adding multiple-screen and Xinerama support to keynav. I'll update here when it's done.