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Do we need another window manager?

I've been doing various Xlib projects off and on for a few years, but none of them have been window manager projects because I was using a WM that pleased me: Ion. Many years later, after following ion from ion 1, 2, and now 3, the author decided to apply some user unfriendly licensing terms to newer releases of ion-3. This license change combined with the author's efforts to require distributions to comply with this license has resulted in most platforms dropping the ion-3 package from its distribution because nobody wants to deal with assholes.

I'm not going to get into a discussion about my opinions about the license. Just know that it inconveniences me, and if you know me, you know that I tend to solve problems of inconvenience with new software tools. That means I need a new window manager.

I've tested other window managers, but none fit me as well as ion did.

A few weeks ago I started on a window manager project tentatively called tsawm which implements features I like in ion but without the angry-author problems ion has. I started working on it initially in C, since that's where I use xlib, but C has some drawbacks. A nontrivial percentage of what I perceive to be window manager behavior is basically managing some heirarchy of data (frames, client windows, titles, some state). I started looking at Perl's X11::Protocol and Python's xlib module. Python's xlib module is pretty neat, in that it's a pure-python implementation of the X11 protocol.

Somewhat arbitrarily, I started prototyping to see if writing a window manager in python was possible. Yes, it is. So that's where I'm at today.

I've mostly been hacking things together while learning more about window managing in X, but what I have so far is promising: screenshot.

It's not pretty, but finishing this will help me get past the drama and problems that ion and its author bring. Sorry tuomov, I still love ion, but any licenses that keep me (directly or indirectly) from getting shit done aren't acceptable.