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Tracking and Analyzing SSH Bots.

I've posted previously about what can be done about ssh bots. In this same context, I've just finished working on a new idea: Tracking the username/passwords used by the bots.

To track the login attempts, I wrote a new pam module: pam_logfailure. The goal of pam_logfailure is to log the passwords used by bots attempting to bruteforce logins. However, when I installed the module, I found that it wasn't working properly:

Dec 20 12:24:50 kenya2 pam_logfailure: host: user:john pass:^H ^M^?INCORRECT
I saw line after line of these, and couldn't figure out why the bots were using this as a password. Turns out they aren't. This password is what OpenSSH forces upon pam for users that do not exist. This is apparently by design:
auth-pam.c: static char badpw[] = "\b\n\r\177INCORRECT";
If you are an invalid user, or are trying to login as root while root login is disabled, the password you sent is replaced with 'badpw' above. This makes it kind of hard to track what passwords bots are using...

Thankfully, I was already one step ahead of myself when I wrote a function injection tool back in September (liboverride). So, all I had to do was inject my own 'getpwnam' function to spoof data when a user did not exist to trick OpenSSH into passing the password through.

After injecting my own getpwnam(), pam_logfailure started working just fine:

Dec 22 11:17:47 kenya2 pam_logfailure: host: user:admin pass:admins
So where will I go next with these ssh-bot games?
  • Reverse-hack. I picked 3 random ssh bot hosts from my logs, and all of them run sshd. It would be pretty trivial to take the password attempts used against my machine and try them on the host the bot is coming from. Seems likely that turning the bot's actions on itself will grant me access to the infected machine.
  • Redirect to a honeypot. We could detect when a bot is trying to login, and add a firewall rule that would put future ssh attempts from these hosts into a honeypot which accepts all logins to see what happens.
  • Fingerprint ssh bots by behavior.

The usage of getpwnam.over is like any other liboverride code. 'make' and then use "LD_PRELOAD=/path/to/ ". In this case, I added this line to /usr/local/etc/rc.d/openssh (my sshd start script):

export LD_PRELOAD=/path/to/

Here is the code: