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Goodbye, 2006!

It's very hard to believe that 2006 is gone. What a year!

Basic life summary: Graduated from RIT and started working for Google.

This year has been great fun for me. I've had a chance to work on a very wide range of projects. Some of them were silly, some of them were serious, and some were useful.

Taking the silly category by storm was my Yahoo! Hack Day '06 demo of TastyDrive. That same day involved my presentation of keynav. If you missed Yahoo!'s event, then you certainly missed the amazing concert Beck put on! My presentation at this event resulted in a kick-ass article about me in the Wall Street Journal.

Runner-up for silly is definitely pam_captcha, a PAM module implementing a text-based captcha system. My favorite captcha was obviously Dance Dance Authentication which received wide angst at the 2006 SPARSA security competition.

However, pam_captcha ended up being useful in that it caused me to study the behavior of brute-force ssh zombies. Good times ;)

Looking over my last year of posts, I am reminded of many project ideas that I never worked on. Grok, my expert-like pattern matching tool, has fallen victim to forgetfulness. Furthermore, many grok-related projects have fallen to the wayside: sysadmin secret sauce and the obvious children temporal (ooh, fancy word!?) data storage, grok and eventdb marraige, and some neat rrdtool tricks.

Hacks were a-plenty this year. Not all of them received written notes, but some of the neater ones are my wakeup script, a hack using squid and selenium to allow you to unit-test webpages by injecting functionality (xss using squid), and a long-forgotten touch-screen keyboard in javascript.

And how can I forget BarCamp? I attended three BarCamp events this year: New York, San Francisco, and Stanford. Many friends made. These kinds of conferences are absolutely my kind of events. Signal-to-noise at BarCamp is bliss by comparison to standard computer conferences.

This year also brought me a new hat, as a FreeBSD src committer so I can further my work on the mouse system changes.

I miss the free time and opportunities granted as a student. I haven't made up my mind about the "real world" quite yet, but I'm glad there's no homework.

With that, I say goodbye to 2006. It was a good year. I'm looking forward to 2007!