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ppp over ssh - paranoia solution

I got bored today and wrote a quick script to start/stop a ppp over ssh vpn. I'm working on an article on how to get ppp over ssh working for freebsd, so that'll be up shortly. I've also been working on a few new upgrades to logwatch, i'll commit those as soon as they're completed.

% ifconfig ndis0
ndis0: [snip...]
        inet netmask 0xffffff80 broadcast
        media: IEEE 802.11 Wireless Ethernet autoselect (DS/11Mbps)
        status: associated
        ssid baccus 1:baccus
        channel 11 authmode OPEN powersavemode OFF powersavesleep 100

As you can see, I'm currently using wireless on some random access point I associated to called baccus. I don't know who's access point this is, but it's what ndis0 insists on associating with, so I don't complain. Being on a school campus is, in my opinion, one of the most potentially dangerous networks you can put your computer on. Here you'll have an assortment of geeks of varying clue levels - pretty much anyone with half a brain can sniff all the wireless traffic they want.

Having my traffic sniffed isn't really annoying until I want to login someplace that insists on clear-text passwords (say, So, I have gotten into the habbit of using OpenSSH's SOCKS5 proxy to do that, but it's annoying starting a proxy every time I need one. What can I do instead?

A quick solution that is very simple is to tunnel PPP over SSH. I won't go into the details here, but the short of it is this: I have a ppp tunnel to one of my machines in my dorm room which is on a wired, switched network I consider to be trusted. Then, all of my traffic can possibly be tunneled to a safe network where it will then go forth and be happy.

As I mentioned, I'll be posting an article on how to make this go shortly.

procmailrc available now, too

I forgot to put up my procmailrc. There's nothing *too* special about it. It does spamassassin, filters duplicates, etc.

updated vimrc and zshrc available

I recently made a few changes to my vimrc and zshrc. The changes are somewhat trivial, but made working in zsh and vim easier. You can get the files here:


the search for the perfect developer blogware

My site is pretty much my ramblings, ideas, and projects regarding various computer technologies. I've always written my own website software myself becuase I needed features I couldn't find in blogging tools available at the time I was writing the code.

This time around, however, is a different story. There are plenty of blogware suites out there that have a varying array of features. A friend of mine recently started using Wordpress over his own software. I've checked it out and it's decent. However, it does simply blogging and little more by default. I need to explore more of it's options and i'll have to write a few of my own plugins, but it may be what I need.

Most of the work redesigning my current website has been regarding layout and extra content features. These being, specifically, cvs and darcs commit summaries, Furthermore, I tend to do one of many things, projects and blog entries. These are two different things, in my opinion. I need to be able to update project pages along with being able to write simple entries.

Wordpress seems to have these abilities via plugins and whatnot. So I'm going to be spending some time trying to configure it and write a few plugins so I can have various informations displayed on the front page, such as cvs and darcs repo commits, etc.

The search goes on, but for now we'll have to see how Wordpress fairs against my tests. Since Wordpress already meets one of my requirements, that it allows me to post things. It also has a plugin framework and themability, etc. I need a developer blog. And for me to consider using Wordpress I'm going to need to hack some functionality into it. So we'll see :)

XML? Perhaps...

I've been recently considering moving away from the huge hack that is the code that makes this website go. Currently it is driven by mod_perl and HTML::Mason - hack upon hack, mostly due to how this website was done.
I rewrote this website from php into perl as an excuse to learn HTML::Mason. Now I know mason and as a result the code is poorly written and shoddily glued together. In an effort to move towards newer technologies I think I'm going to try rewriting the site in XML and use XSLT to render. For the HTML it generates I'm leaning towards some sort of css/javascript fanciness to make things pretty and useful.
I also want to trash the script that I use to post things to this site becuase frankly it doesn't handle things the proper way it should, among other excuses to want to rewrite it to be morebettergood and use cooler technologies.
I'll keep posting updates as progress happens and I learn new things.

Whew! More updates.

More mason madness happening. Debugged some things I found wrong with, well, everything. I also *finally* added commenting. Thread support was also added (yay recursion).
Feel free to, well, post comments!

PHP -> perl HTML::Mason

I'm going to have a go learning HTML::Mason and in the process of doing so will convert this entire site to mason. I'll be posting updates and neat things I learn here, stay tuned...

So I got bored...

I always do silly things when I get bored. This time I decided that rather than manually tell mySQL that I want to insert a new news entry, i wrote a shell script that'll prompt me for everything.

It opens VIM with a simple template, I save and quit, and it posts. I've got support to delete the most recent entry and i'm going to add support for editing entries. Yes, I'm a very sad person.

Look at the source