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Partials in HAML with Sinatra

HAML documentation mentions "partials" twice, in passing only. Doesn't actually say how to use them, best as I can tell. Lots of the documentation seems to be heavily Rails-focused (mentions of link_to and other methods). Frankly, if I didn't already have lots of Rails experience, I think some of the haml docs would be pretty confusing.

In Sinatra, you invoke haml by simply calling 'haml' with your template name.

  get "/" do
    haml :index
On that note, Sinatra (or HAML, I haven't checked) will let you use layouts, too, something I found hardly documented. Layouts are a way to basically wrap your entire template in another template called 'layout.haml' by default - useful if you want every page to have the same structure. You can also define different layouts.

What I wanted was a simple layout with a header in a separate template. Here's what I did:


    %title Hello!
      =haml :header, :layout => false
Thie 'yield' will invoke the original template called as 'haml :index', helping keep each page using the same layout. Additionally, I render the header by calling a separate haml template; calling haml with ':layout => false' tells it to ignore any layout files. This lets us invoke another haml template.

Also, since the 'haml' method only takes symbols, if you want to put your haml templates in different directories, you'll have to use this awkward syntax:

  haml :"some/path/to/template"
    #  ^ Note the ':' before the string. You can also probably the
    #  String#to_sym method.