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Video of my SSH Tunneling talk at Barcamp Stanford

I got A.D.D. tonight while working on Pimp and decided to Google myself and see what came up. I do this once very few months. Normally the results aren't terribly interesting. However, since I'd recently attended a few barcamps, I noticed that some folks had written about some of the talks I'd given.

I found a video of my 'firewall bypass/ssh tunnel/encrypt-your-traffic' session I held at BarCamp Stanford. Thanks to ValleyGeek for posting this. I'm assuming the author recorded it.

Towards the end of the talk I start rambling about nat traversal. Hopefully I got the point across that nat<->nat traversal isn't easy, and that tunneling is a way to do it.

Along with that video, I found my urban-dictionary entry for 'Fo Shizzle Friday'. I can't remember why I created that.

vi seminar!

Finally gave a real vi seminar, the notes can be found here:
vi Seminar