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S5: web-based presentationware

I found some time tonight to convert one of my slideshows to S5. It's not fully done, but I have a working slideshow. It took about 5 lines of xslt different from the presenter.xsl stylesheet to turn my slideshow stuff into S5. I still need to learn about S5, but it seems to have many of the features I want - have I mentioned this before? ;)

It's *much* slower than xmlpresenter when switching slides. I can move at many slides-per-second with xmlpresenter and it takes 1-2 seconds to switch slides with S5. However, I'm not sure 'slides-per-second' is even a meaningful metric worth considering. Who does multiples slides in a second anyway? Still, I'm concerned for the overall speed of the software if switching slides takes a while.

my vim presentation in s5: presentations/s5/vim.html