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I miss web programming.

I drank one of those Sobe No Fear GOLD things earlier, so I'm still wide awake. Waste not productivity? However, I'm going to be quite dead for classes tomorrow. Though, my classes aren't particularly important to me anymore. My philosophy of "learn what you want" landed me a dream job with Google, so there's no sense in turning away from it now. My algorithms class is getting cooler now that we're doing graph and tree algorithms like spanning trees, red-black trees, and other things. Beyond that, my interest in my other classes is very much dwindling. Only 4 weeks left.

The past few months have let little time for fun web projects. Web javascripty stuff is almost always an extremely fun endeavor, despite it often being a frustrating adventure in non-compliance! Looking at Opera 9's new fancy widget system makes me want to get back into web programming again.

The most fun project I've done recently has definitely been working on Pimp and pseudo-helping with jQuery development. I wrote more javascript during BarCamp NYC than I had in ages, and it was a great time.

This year's Bawls Programming Competition at RIT should be more fun this year now that Resig, Darrin, and myself are *much* more experienced with JavaScript, CSS, et al. Look forward to whatever project we come up with ;)

So what project should I start or work on next? I'd *love* to get working on Pimp again. Maybe I'll work on that or something similar soon. Now that jQuery has AJAXey support, it's almost worth it to rewrite the whole web interface with it. I'm also hoping to find time to work on my sysadmin time machine project - web-based searchey-goodness for logs and events.

Definite todos:

  • Fix newer xmlpresenter code to work in all browsers (mostly css issues?)
  • Update xmlpresenter project page
  • Write "magic database" thing for storing logs and events
  • Write happy web frontend

Not that many people read this site, but if you've got ideas for projects I'd be interested in, Let me know. I'm always up for ignoring structured book learning in favor of more educational adventures. After all, that's why I run this site: to catalogue my research adventures. Notice how (almost?) all of the content here is lacking in relation to my academics?