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Migration to Google Code hosting

I've been maintaining my own repository(s) for years, and I've finally grown out of doing it.

My first major repository move was to merge all my CVS and Subversion repositories into a single Subversion repository. This move made me happy for a while, but from time to time the machine hosting the repository would go down, and I'd be out of Subversion access for a while. Additionally, the machine hosting this repository grants me only a small quota (500mb) and my subversion repository was occupying 10% of the space. Lastly, I couldn't be bothered to setup webdav+svn, so I couldn't grant arbitrary users (like you) proper read (and perhaps write) access.

To solve all of these problems, in part or in full, I created a new project on googlecode called 'semicomplete' for my repository. All of my projects will now live there.

I used svnsync to upload my local repository so as to keep all the change history, which took 5 hours, but was otherwise painless.

New repository:

As a side bonus, Google Code Hosting allows you to publish "downloads", which means all of my releases can be put here, saving me 24 megs of used quota on the old machine. Further bonuses include an issue tracking system (so you and I can file bugs that won't get lost) and a project wiki. I don't know if I'll use the wiki yet.

Merging multiple svn repositories

Over the past several years, I've used mainly CVS. I tried switching to subversion, which has been slow-going. To speed that process, I merged all of my repositories together into one svn repo. I also used to convert everything in cvs to svn, which put everything into /trunk/ in the repository - not what I wanted. A simple script fixes that:
svn ls $repo/trunk | xargs [email protected] -n1 svn mv $repo/trunk/@ $repo/@

I used svn poorly at first - one repository per project. To fix that, I needed to dump all of them (with svnadmin) and load them into a central repository:

# svnadmin dump all of my svn repositories
for i in $repodir/SVN/*; do 
  echo $i;
  svnadmin dump $i > $(basename $i).dump
# load all of my dumpped repositories into the new one
svnadmin create $repo
for i in *.dump; do 
  proj="$(echo $i | cut -d. -f1)";
  svn mkdir -m "mkdir $proj for import" file://$repo/$proj
  svnadmin load --parent-dir $proj $repo < $i