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new keynav version available (20080522)

Hop on over to the keynav project page and download the new version.

The changelist from the previous announced release is as follows:

  - Sync xdotool library to 20080521.
  - Added 2 grid examples to keynavrc
  - Applied patches from Richard Kolkovich
    + Fix backwards math when calculating Nth cell when using 'cell-select N'
    + Fix dislexia when doing 'cell-select NxM'
    + Abort update() calls when app is inactive.
  - Now warns you if you try to execute an invalid command.
(Yes, 0522 is tomorrow. Turns out uploads to googlecode are write-once, so I'll need to come up with an additional versioning scheme that lets me push multiple releases in a single day in case I find something bad after I upload a release.)

new xdotool version available (20080521)

Hop on over to the xdotool project page and download the new version. This is the first version being served totally from googlecode, let me know if you have problems.

The changelist from the previous announced release is as follows:

  * Import patches from keynav's xdotool branch (From Lukas Mai) which make
    xdotool compile happily when building with -Wall and -pedantic (and others)
  * Finally convert to using Window type for (hopefully) everything instead of
    incorrectly typecasting Window to int sometimes.
  * Confirmed that the one (but mostly useless) test passes.

liboverride project page is up.

I finally got around to putting up a project page for liboverride.

Location: /projects/liboverride

New fex version available (20071119)

Hop on over to the fex project page and download the new version.


20071119 -
  - Add nongreedy tokenizer. Same semantics of strtok_r(), but doesn't skip
    empty tokens.
  - Renamed tokenizer to split, since really that's what it was doing.
  - You can invoke the nongreedy tokenizer by using '?' as the first character
    of a {} set:
     args: :{?4,6}
     input: one:::four::six
     output: four:six

New fex version available (20071026)

Hop on over to the fex project page and download the new version.


20071026 - First major release
  - Added some tests
  - If you want to specify a different first split token, the first character 
    can be any non-digit character which is not '-' or '{'.

    These are now equivalent:
    % echo "foo/bar/baz" | fex 0/2
    % echo "foo/bar/baz" | fex /2

    Previously, this would give an error due to a design decision.

fex - field extraction tool

I recently posted about a tokenizing tool based somewhat on xapply's field extraction. I think it's polished enough for a release.


New keynav release available

This release of keynav adds necessary support for configuration files and the benefits obtained from dynamic configuration.

View the project page and/or download keynav-20070629.tar.gz

Update: 20070627 had problems with $HOME so I released a new version (0629).

xdo "beta" release

I've been working furiously on xdo the past few days. Good times :)

The result so far is as follows:

  • xdo is now a library, so you can simply call xdo_click(...) and it will handle all the hard stuff for you for the case that you want to use this in your own code.
  • xdotool is the commandline interface to the xdo api.
  • navmacro (bad name) is a very small gtk launcher. Basically it's an input box that runs the contents when you hit enter
I include a sample script 'ffsp' which is short for 'firefox searchbar paste'. It works on my system, but obviously on other systems you'll need to tweak it. The basics are there.

So right now, I can do this:

  1. Select a piece of text in an xterm
  2. Activate navmacro and type 'ffsp' and hit enter
  3. Enjoy the fact that firefox has been told to search for the contents of my clipboard
'ffsp' is located in my $HOME/bin/ so I execute it like any other shell script or program.

Interested in the code? Download navmacro-20070620.tar.gz.

Note: navmacro works on my ubuntu and freebsd systems just fine. However, xdotool crashes at the end when I do free(xdo->charcodes) only on my Ubuntu system. Uncertain why, I'm way too tired to debug.

grok 20070224 released.

It's been almost a year since the first release of grok. I've finally found some energy to put into the project and it's time for another release.

Download: grok-20070224.tar.gz

A quick summary of the changelist (which comes with the tarball):

  • Lots of doc updates. More examples in the manpage.
  • Lots of new builtin patterns
  • More new filters like strftime, ip2host, and uid2user.
  • Fancier syslog matching options
  • New flags -m and -r. See this post about this change
  • filelist, catlist, and filecmd thanks mostly to Canaan Silberberg.
  • More tests to make sure that it works. Find these in the 't' directory in the grok tarball.
Email me if the tests provided don't work.