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Graphs in Ruby with RMagick

I'm always finding myself wanting to graph random data. Gnuplot is nice, but not enjoyably scriptable. Matplotlib in python is too matlab-ish, or was when I looked at it last (though it looks much improved now). Some ruby options exist (even ruby+gnuplot), but none were much to my tastes.

I started fiddling around with RMagick and stumbled across what it calls "RVG" (ruby vector graphics). From the site:

RVG (Ruby Vector Graphics) is a facade for RMagick's Draw class that supplies a drawing API based on the Scalable Vector Graphics W3C recommendation.
The API is pretty reasonable and hasn't hindered me yet and feels good after having hacked with it for a few hours: Simple operations like point translation, scaling, rotating, flipping, etc are simple in code; the api is well documented; images can be embedded easily into another which allows for easily writing modular code.

Anyway, the goal of this adventure was to come up with something that would produce non-crappy plots. Main emphasis on having a means to apply axis labels and ticks that wasn't painful. The result is below: (x-axis ticks are hour-aligned and have 12 hour steps, y-axis ticks are single-value aligned)

Here's the code that generates the above graph (using rplot.rb). A lot of things (like axis label tick alignment and stepping) are hardcoded right now, but that will obviously change if I decide this project needs attention (and I don't find something that does the same thing but better).

# graph some random stuff, like log(x) and sin(x)
# use time for the 'x' to demo time formatting
# each point is an hour (i * 3600)
graph =, 200, "Happy Graph")

points = 60
axis =
(1..points).each do |i|
  axis.points << [ + i*3600, Math.log(i)]

axis2 =
(1..points).each do |i|
  axis2.points << [ + i*3600, Math.sin((i / 2.0).to_f) + 1]

graph.axes << axis
graph.axes << axis2