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new grok version available (20070915)

Hop on over to the grok project page and download the new version.

The changelist from the previous announced release is as follows:

Changes for 20070915:

  * Added '' which adds 'grok -F' functionality. Read about it

  * Proper shutdown is called to kill the "hack" subprocess
  * Add 'shell' option to 'type' sections; not currently used.
  * Warn if we're trying to override an existing filter.
  * Added more perlthoughts to t/theory/

  * Numerous pattern regex changes:
    - NUMBER no longer uses Regexp::Common's real number regex since that one
      matches '.' and my thoughts are that '.' is not a number
    - Added POSITIVENUM pattern
    - Fix HOSTNAME to match hostnames starting with a number (Again,
      Regexp::Common fails me)
    - Add path patterns: UNIXPATH, WINPATH, URI
    - MONTH no longer matches 0 through 12
    - DAY no longer matches 0 through 6
    - SYSLOGPROG is more specific now, since valid prog names can have dashes.