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tabsearch extension now works with Firefox 3.0

I noticed that my tabsearch extension wasn't working properly after installing Firefox 3.0b5. A quick read of this document helped me figure out what was wrong. I also wasn't specifying the right content location in my chrome.manifest, which somehow worked fine in firefox 2 despite not being correct. Maybe the previous extension release was a custom built one that didn't use the make system I have now, either way, it's all fixed.

Head on over to the firefox tabsearch project page and download it.

Download: tabsearch-20080430.xpi

Additionally, I've noticed that Firefox 3.0b5 doesn't seem to render this site correctly. Seems like it's ignoring my CSS of "pre { overflow: auto; }" which makes pre tags scroll if they become too wide. I'm willing to accept that I may be doing something incorrect (that has historically worked fine) - I'd much rather have the site render as intended. I'll look into it later.