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Google Maps Traffic to my phone.

Combining xulrunner, the Google Maps API, procmail, and imagemagick, I now have a way to request traffic data from google maps, all from my phone using only email (sms/mms).

The project itself isn't very polished, so I won't publish its location. However, I forwarded one traffic message from my phone to flickr. View it here. The picture is rotated because my phone's screen is taller than it is wide.

The entire process takes about 20 seconds (grab the map, screencapture, and email back to the phone).

Code for this lives here:

FreeBSD 6.1 on Thinkpad X41

I installed FreeBSD 6.1 on my corp laptop tonight. The following are notable:
  • acpi_ibm doesn't appear to read much of anything useful. hotkey values work. Little else
  • cpufreq works
  • wacom stylus input magic works via X 'wacom' driver. Shows up as /dev/cuad1
  • ath0 works
  • bge0 works
  • sata works
  • Tablet buttons (rotate/tools/esc/enter/ctrlaltdel) are received by X (viewable by xev(1))
wacom was not properly calibrated initially. Guess-and-check method of screwing with calibration values made everything happy.

I'll post configs and other notes later. Naptime.