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libevent bufferevevents on pipe(2)

From the libevent documentation:
A new bufferevent is created by bufferevent_new(). The parameter fd specifies the file descriptor from which data is read and written to. This file descrip- tor is not allowed to be a pipe(2).
It says it's not allowed to be a pipe, but it works just fine in Linux with epoll, poll, and select.

I'm certain I've just unleashed some evil demons that'll make my code crash in unexpectedly wonderful ways as a result... ;)

Watching process output with libevent

I started really learning libevent today. The API docs for libevent are pretty good, but I'm having trouble finding good examples that use it. To that end, I'll provide my own. This one uses a bufferevent to watch stdout on a child process.

Code: libevent-execwatch.c