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Music yields productivity?

I almost always listen to music. I've mentiond this before, but I was reminded tonight of how music seems to make projects happen quicker; especially school projects. Tonight I was working on my Algorithms class project (spanning tree stuff) and found that I was working better than normal. This is due to my finally having found some music to put in my laptop and listen to.

Rochester radio is the absolute definition of excessive repetition. Of the 11 stations I have programmed into my receiver, none of them were playing a refreshing list of songs I hadn't heard in a while. So I put in a Nightwish cd and listened to that instead. Productivity increased.

Assuming the following theories:
Music = Productivity
Xterms = Productivity

If you increase xterms and the quality of music, how much can we increase productivity by? ;)

Music may work well for me because I tend to get distracted or bored easily when doing required tasks such as school work. If there's music playing I like, then I'll end up distracting myself momentarily with the music instead of other more time-consuming tasks such as reading news/blogs. Either way, music works.

Makes me wonder how many other people do the same thing?