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ccache for the win

I've had to buildworld on a test machine atleast 4 times today. After the 2nd time, I got fed up and installed ccache to make the build go faster. I'm on the 4th buildworld now, and it is running much faster now.

ccache in FreeBSD, when installed from ports, comes with examples on how to get ccache to work with src and ports building.Copy and paste, and you're ready to go. This tool rocks.

dev# ccache -s
cache directory                     /root/.ccache
cache hit                           7868
cache miss                         20433
So far so good. Most of the cache misses were from the first buildworld with ccache. This dev box is running in vmware on a very, very cheap Dell workstation, and it's not the fastest thing to run vmware, so any speed boosts will help.

Also, day 5 of the week of unix is coming tomorrow. I'm slowly finishing it.