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Client-to-server thoughts on JSON and AJAX.

AJAX lets you send requests using HTTP GET or POST. POST is useful if you have *lots* of data you may want to transmit or want to transmit in a specific data format such as XMLRPC, SOAP, or JSON.

Assuming I can find time among my many projects, I'd like to do a study of each of the client-to-server and server-to-client communication mechanisms and come to some general conclusions as to what communication schemes are better than others and for what purposes. Hopefully, the end result will be some general rules for deciding which communication protocols you should use and why :)

BarCamp NYC, Day 1

BarCamp has been quite awesome thus far, only halfway through it. Definite kudos to the organizers for making it happen.

Today's attended presentations included ones on Xen, Joyent, Outsourcing and others. I've been meeting a ton of cool folks here who are very into web technologies and other stuff.

I'm presenting tomorrow on JSON, AJAX, and Prototype, and possibly some python stuffs. We'll see how things go.

Let the geeking begin - BarCamp NYC

Myself, John Resig, and Bob Aman rode down to NYC for this weekend's BarCamp conference. It promises to be a lot of fun. Learn about barcamp, here.

I'll post more updates as the event progresses.