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Site move soon, perhaps.

I'll be moving this site to my new domain as soon as I get things setup there. I won't bother disclosing the name at this point, seeing as how there's nothing there.

As a hint, however, I will say I came up with the name using this perl one-liner:

perl -Mre=eval -ne 'print if m/^s(.)(??{"[^$1]+$1"}){2}$/' words
(are your eyes bleeding, yet?)

That regex will find all valid sed substitution expressions in the file 'words' (freebsd's dictionary file). So, anything printed by that perl code will be valid as a sed command. ie: "streetlet" is valid as

% echo "ree" | sed -e "streetlet"
I learned a new word in the process of running this script. syzygy

Nothing quite like using perl to choose a domain name for you. Yeah, I'm a dork.