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newpsm - goals

Completed Project Goals

  • Design and test new userland mouse driver framework
  • Refactor psm(4) to provide command, packet size, and sync byte ioctls
  • psm and synaptics support under new moused
  • sysmouse (Old mouse) support in new moused
  • Recruit testers and solicit developer advice
  • Fix synaptics startup problems
  • Rework startup procedure to reduce redundant code
  • Write better acceleration algorithm (linear vs exponential)
  • Config file support
  • Bug fix parade
  • Prove workingness by using new psm and moused on my laptop (synaptics, sysmouse, and generic drivers)

Uncompleted Goals

  • USB-in-userland mouse driver
  • Have code committed
  • Port-up serial mice drivers from old moused (especially mousesystems)

Future Goals

  • Conform to style(9)
  • Look into bluetooth mice
  • Remove Giant mutex from psm(4)
  • USB Gamepad mouse module
  • UHID(hopefully?) remote control presentation tools modules