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VIM Advetures

Was thumbing through some .vim files I'd downloaded and currently use (like the cvscommand one, it rocks me) and saw that it had somehow managed to collapse sections into single lines that I was able to expand.
After perusing the disgustingly thorough documentation for information on this, i found a section on folding (:help fold in vim).

Folding makes code quite easy to view. I'm currently using it to section-out piles of documentation that I've written and would prefer not seeing as I'm editing.
VIM rocks me.
Also found out how to properly use registers (I always accidentally hit 'q' in my speedytyping and it'd say "recording" and I never bothered looking up what was going on)
I think i'm going to do two or so vi seminars early next year to prevent the CS department from turning everyone into emacs kiddies.