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Goodbye, 2011.

This year's been pretty good, but the last two months were pretty lame.

In the last six weeks, I found out Caramel has lymphoma, got unemployed, and had emergency surgery to remove my appendix on Christmas Day. The unemployment caused me to lose an in-progress mortgage refinance.

I'll pick up the mortgage thing once I remedy the employment problem, but I'm staying quite happily unemployed until after my kid is born - should be any day now!

Most of my career-growing moves were outside of work: at meetups, in open source efforts, or in networking with folks on IRC or twitter. Lots of awesome folks out there, so go introduce yourself. Don't be a dick. :)

I didn't write much on this site, but mainly, that was due to an increase in my activities on IRC and twitter. Most of what I published this year was code and was less writing about said code. I'd like to fix that, though.

This years successes were topped by two new major projects, fpm and logstash. I also released some major improvements to xdotool and other tools.

The current implementation of logstash isn't very old, but prototypes, hacks, and other incarnations of pretty much the same thing date back to at least 2005 and probably earlier. This project has been a long-time-coming, and Pete Fritchman and I have been talking about logstash for years, so it's nice to finally have some code shipped and a community building around it.

FPM had a crazy positive response. I wrote it as a hack, and it's used all over the place now. Bonus that people are contributing patches and other improvements as well.

Sysadvent was another excellent success, the end of which marked the 4th year and 100th article posted to the project. It is awesome seeing such community involvement from so many different authors.

This year also cemented my move to git from svn. Why? Github, mostly, and not really the features of git itself. Sharing code and patches is so much easier on github than it is with other services.

I went to CarolinaCon and OSCON to talk about logstash. I also went to DevOps Days Mountain View and gave a lightning talk on logstash.

My OSCON talk was overflowing with people standing at the back of the room, etc; it went awesomely. I've also been able to do lunchtime logstash presentations at places like Square and others. I also gave talks at BayLISA meetings. It was a good year for getting out of the house and talking about code.

I tried to get a count of how much code I'd written this year, but I had lots of web-based projects that included third-party stuff like jquery, and I'm too lazy to pick through the results and trim that stuff out. I'm up to about 70 different projects on github now, some useful; some not; all fun!

Looking forward to 2012 :)