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Goodbye, 2007!

To make this year's review cooler than last year, I wrote a python script to generate a tag cloud and fed it only the list of tags mentioned in posts I've made this year.

This year was pretty sweet.

Basic life summary: Still loving it at Google. Got a house. Getting married soon.

This year started off me using EC2 for a side project. Along with EC2, I had to think about scaling mysql and tomcat . This same side project made me rant about mysql's query cache.

I also spent many hours putting crazy features into grok. Unsatisfied with the original predicate implementation, I came up with this hack to run arbitrary pattern-matching code within a regular expression to affect the outcome of the match, and then implemented it in grok. A few months after that, I checked off another todo item by implementing pattern discovery.

I also started working on monitoring. I mentioned this idea in some detail last year, and had a really crappy prototype. This year, I experimented with Berkeley DB and Python to get simple key-value pair storage. All of the work so far is still very primitive, but I did have a working prototype

I've put thousands of miles of travel in this year: Shmoocon (Washington, DC), MashupCamp Dublin (Dublin, Ireland), Defcon 15 (Las Vegas), Barcamp Block (Palo Alto, CA), SuperHappyDevHouse 18 (Hillsborough, CA).

As expected, a few projects stayed on the backburner. One of these is my FreeBSD work redoing the mouse driver system. Given that I've had commit access to FreeBSD for a year now and haven't done much with it, I'm hoping I can spend more time working on that project; as it is my favorite platform. The code has been ready to commit for a long time, and I just haven't gotten around to it :\

New projects: fex, firefox-tabsearch, firefox-urledit, liboverride, xdotool. and xpathtool,

Some of my favorite hacks this past year included pulling album covers from amazon, muting music when your screen is locked, fast log splitting, a mini-freebsd script, and shell shortcuts

With that I bid farewell to 2007, and continue to eagerly look forward to the future. The only plans I have set this year are helping again run Hack or Halo at Shmoocon in addition to putting serious time into FreeBSD.