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new xdotool version available (20080601)

Hop on over to the xdotool project page and download the new version.

The changelist from the previous announced release is as follows:

  * Add new commands:
    - windowactivate: Activate a window. If the window is on another desktop, we
        will switch to that desktop and then activate the window.
    - set_num_desktops number: Changes the number of desktops or workspaces.
    - get_num_desktops: Output the current number of desktops.
    - set_desktop desktop_number: Change the current view to the specified
    - get_desktop: Output the current desktop in view.
    - set_desktop_for_window window_id desktop_number: Move a window to a
        different desktop.
    - get_desktop_for_window window_id: Output the desktop currently containing
        the given window.

    windowactivate tested and confirmed working in: ion-3 and Gnome2 (metacity)
    The rest of the new commands have only been tested in Gnome2. They do not
    work in ion-3 due to lacking support for EWMH in ion.
  * Rewrote the man page in perlpod format.