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xdotool 2.20100818.3004

Here's a new xdotool release. This one includes lots of new features and some bug fixes. All of the tests pass in the test suite (225 tests, 2779 assertions, 173 seconds).

New commands:

  • get_desktop_viewport and set_desktop_viewport. Window managers (like compiz) use viewports instead of the standard 'virtual desktop' model. This means there is usually one big desktop area that you have a small view on, and switching desktops means moving that view.
  • selectwindow. This command lets you pick a window by clicking on it. Useful for chaining to other commands.
  • windowreparent. Change which window parents another. Useful if you want to move a window to be inside another.
  • windowkill. Kills a window.
  • getwindowname. Prints the window name (title).
  • behave. Allows you to bind additional xdotool commands to run based on certain window events. See the manpage for examples.

Download: xdotool-2.20100818.3004.tar.gz

As usual, if you find problems or have feature requests, please file bugs or send an email to the list. The changelist from the previously-announced release:

  - New commands: 'get_desktop_viewport' and 'set_desktop_viewport'. Some
    window managers don't actually do 'multiple desktops' but instead show
    workspaces as views on a large desktop. For example, Compiz Fusion does
    this, which is why you may see 4 or more desktops, but 'xdotool
    get_num_desktops' reports only one.
  - New command: 'selectwindow' command which picks a window by clicking on it.
  - New command: 'windowreparent' with original patch by Markus Opitz.
  - New command: 'windowkill' will kill a window and the client that owns it
    (via XKillClient)
  - New command: 'getwindowname' for printing the name (title) of a window.
    Requested by Dominik Reichl for KeePass.
  - New command: 'behave'. This allows you to run xdotool commands on window
    events. For example, you can achieve 'mouse-follows-focus' with this:
      xdotool search --class xterm behave %@ mouse-enter windowfocus
    This will find all xterms and, upon mouse entering, will focus that window.
    Not really sure what I wanted with this feature, but it can grow as needed.
  - Support percentages in 'windowsize'. Percentages are relative to the size
    of the screen the window is on. 'windowsize 12345 100% 50%' will make the
    window the full width and half height of the screen.
  - When typing, if we can't find a character in the existing keymap, try
    looking up in keysym_charmap (xdo_util.h) and binding a key if we find one
    that matches. Reported by Victor Baulac on the mailing list. This allows
    us to type '@', for example, even if the current keymap does not have
    this key.

  - No functional changes.
  - Add missing file 'Doxyfile' to the release package so the xdo docs can be
    built from a release tarball. (Reported by Daniel Kahn Gillmor)
  - Skip 'getwindowfocus' misc test if we don't have a windowmanager due to
    a bug/feature in Xvfb and Xephyr if there is only one client and no wm.