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New xdotool (1.20100227.2679) released!

It's time for another xdotool release.

Lots of big fixes and changes in the latest release of xdotool. Many of the improvements in this release incorporate feedback I've received on this list and in bugs filed. Please enjoy :)


Full changelist since previously-announced release:

  - Bump major version since there were lots of libxdo changes (now
  - Support '--pid NUM' for searching for windows by pid:
    Example: xdotool search --pid 12345
    Example: xdotool search --pid 12345 "hello world"
  - Add 'xdotool getwindowpid' command to get the pid that owns a window.
  - Add --window to xdotool mousemove, click, mousedown, and mouseup
  - Add --screen to xdotool mousemove
  - The --clearmodifiers flag now clears mouse buttons, too.
    Part of
  - The --clearmodifiers flag now clears caps lock.
  - Have 'make install' create all required directories
  - Support multiple screens in searches. Default is to search all screens.
    Example: 'xdotool search --screen N' specifies a single screen to search.
  - Support reading a list of xdotool commands via stdin or a file. Usages:
    * read from stdin:
      xdotool -
    * read from stdin (use isatty(0) to detect redirection):
      xdotool < somefile
    * An executable script also works when it has this at the top:

  - Slight change in how we present versions. Now versions have major, date,
    and svn revision. The main addition was to add the major which maps to the
    libxdo library abi version (
  - Add 'xdotool version' for querying version
  - libxdo now has xdo_version function for fetching the library version.
  - Allow typing keys that are not mapped to any keyboard button.
    For example, you can type the euro symbol like this, even if you don't have
    a key on your keyboard that can do it:
      xdotool key EuroSign
  - Fixed some pod errors in the manpage