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Ubuntu 64bit / vmware server

Now that I have all the hardware/bios problems fixed on this system, I've started installing vitrual machines. However, getting vmware to go was no small task.

  • The install script failed to build the vmmon kernel module, so I hacked the script to not do it.
  • Ubuntu has packages for vmmon and vmnet, but installs them in /lib/modules/.../vmware-server/ instead of /lib/modules/.../misc/ where the vmware init.d script expects them. Hacked that with a symlink. The init script looks for 'foo.o' and the ubuntu package provides 'foo.ko'.
  • I couldn't verify my license key because vmware-vmx would fail to run with an error of "No such file or directory". Turns out this really means "You are running a 32 bit binary and I can't find the libraries it needs". The solution is to apt-get install ia32-libs and possibly others.
There are probably other hacks I had to do, but it's 5am and I don't remember them right now.