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TF2 performance on wine+linux

I recently gave up windows 8 (which is horrible, by the way) to install Fedora on my workstation at home.

I wanted to still play TF2, so while I wait for the steam linux/tf2 beta, I figured wine would work.

I used the fedora wine packages as well as 'winetricks' to install steam (winetricks is awesomesauce.). Basically, with winetricks, you just do 'winetricks steam' to install steam. Bam! Done.

To run steam after winetricks installs it, you'll want to do this crazy business, because winetricks installs steam to it's own "wine prefix":

WINEPREFIX=$HOME/.local/share/wineprefixes/steam/ wine "C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Steam\\Steam.exe"

When running TF2, I noticed framerates were pretty crappy. Most googling I did found practically no useful information except for one or two forum posts that indicate CPU affinity being the most likely cause. This made sense given frame rates were completely the same regardless of graphical settings used (resolution or features like model quality, etc).

First step is to enable 'multicore rendering'

Then, when tf2 is up, run this script below. It looks for the most cpu-hungry threads in hl2.exe (tf2) as well as for the steam/wine/xorg processes. It then pins them to specific CPUs.

  # Get the top cpu-using threads for the 'hl2.exe' process (tf2)
  # then pin each to a separate CPUs and give them elevated scheduling priority
  top -bn1 -Hp $(pgrep hl2.exe) \
  | awk '$NF == "hl2.exe" { split($(NF - 1), t, ":"); cputime = t[1] * 60.0 + t[2]; print cputime, $1 }'  \
  | sort -n | tail -3 | awk '{print $2}'

  pgrep 'Steam|wineserver|Xorg'
) \
| awk '{print NR, $1}' \
| sudo xargs -tn2 sh -c 'taskset -p $((1 << ($1 - 1))) $2; renice -n -2 $2' -
Once I run this command while tf2 is up, frame rate doubles (to around 60) and is much more consistent (bursty drops in framerates)