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SysAdvent 2010 now online!

Today starts the 3rd year of the SysAdvent calendar! How time flies!

What is SysAdvent? It's a 24-day event where I publish one excellent sysadmin article each day, starting December 1st. The articles are written by fellow sysadmins around the world.

Planning for this year has been quite a success. Many folks have contributed finished articles or drafts already and more have committed to writing about a topic. This is a huge step for the SysAdvent project.

SysAdvent is for sysadmins, so please share sysadvent with your coworkers, reddit, digg, twitter, and any other places with sysadmin communities.

The first article for this year is about Linux Containers (LXC). Go, read! Add sysadvent to your rss reader, too :)

Also, there are still 50ish articles from the past two years, all quite good. Have a look at the 2008 and 2009 years, too!