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Squid + Selenium == Win

Selenium cannot be used to test remote sites becuase browsers have cross-site scripting protection which prevents you from modifying the content from other domains. What happens when we fool the browser into believing content comes from a given domain? An extremely simple squid configuration can do just this.

I wrote one test. This test visits technorati's homepage, searches for 'barcamp' and verifies that a text string exists on the search results.


  1. Tell Firefox to use my squid proxy as an HTTP proxy
  2. Visit
  3. Run the tests
Simple, right?

The squid proxy intercepts any requests for '/_selenium' and redirects them internally to my selenium web server. This has been tested in IE, Firefox, and Safari with 100% success over vanilla http. HTTPS probably doesn't work for obvious "Duh, it's encrypted" reasons. Squid can fix this aswell with ssl reverse proxying.

If I run my single test, the result is something that looks like the following (Firefox and IE, respectively):