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I finally got unlazy and found the energy to start on the new revision of this website. The layout is going to stay the same, but the way the site works is changing drastically. The changes should allow me to add new features more quickly aswell as adding cooler features (comments on every page, for example).

I'm still brainstorming how it should all come together, but for the most part I've got a decent xml- and make-based website framework. Webpages are written in pure XML/XHTML and HTML is created using XSLT. The whole website is managed with simple makefiles so when I change one thing, I can simply type 'make' and it republishes itself. Ideally, this would be done by a cronjob so updates simply publish themselves.

I've posted more information about it on the new site, check it out: (this url no longer works)

Hurray XML!