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SuperHappyDevHouse 18 - review

This past shdh was my first. It wasn't what I expected; way more people showed up than I thought would show. Totally sweet.

There were 6 or so tables setup with chairs and power strips. Wifi. Someone setup a projector to display sniffed google/yahoo searches flying over the wireless. I was already doing my standard 'ssh -D8888 somewhere' and having firefox proxy over that.

The projector was displaying the decoded contents of search queries. My first work that day was on hacking the projected screen. The first one was hacking pushing search queries with wget(1) that had terminal control codes. After that, I figleted-things to the screen using figlet, awk, xargs, and wget. Some time later I got around to doing something way cooler. Basically, I had a script that would read every key stroke I typed, and send a search query consisting of a clear-screen sequence followed by the whole string I had typed. When I demoed it, I managed to convince some through assumption that I had owned the machine itself, and not that I was doing this all via search queries. Hehe, fun. Here's what I was using:

(stty raw; x=""; while true; do a="$(dd bs=1 count=1 2> /dev/null)"; if [ "$a" == "^H" ] ; then x=${x%?}; else x="${x}${a}"; fi; wget --read-timeout=.001 --tries=1 "^[[2J^[[0;0H$x"; done)

There was a large ruby-fan presence. Lots of people working on facebook apps, too.

If you didn't see the slurry of posts I made during shdh about code I was working on, here's a short list:

  • Got a prototype of jquerycmd working
  • Wrote a google maps direction scraper with jquerycmd
  • Wrote Makefiles for navmacro and xdotool that work without pkg-config
  • Started working on the urledit firefox extension
  • Implemented urledit with xdotool and a shellscript
Tons of code written. I had a good time, but next time I'm going to try for a more social approach instead of sitting in a corner coding like a fiend ;)