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Get a screen terminfo entry on Solaris.

Solaris doesn't have a 'screen' terminfo entry by default, so you might notice that if you set TERM to 'screen' things don't work right.

Screen itself comes with a termcap entry. If you install using the sunfreeware package, the termcap file will be: /usr/local/doc/screen/terminfo/screencap

We need to convert this to a terminfo file and compile it. All tools used below come standard with Solaris.

# captoinfo screencap > screen.ti
"screencap", line 2, col 24, terminal 'screen': unknown capability 'G0'
"screencap", line 18, col 58, terminal 'screen': unknown capability 'AX'
# tic screen.ti
# ls -d /usr/share/lib/terminfo/s/screen* 
/usr/share/lib/terminfo/s/screen     /usr/share/lib/terminfo/s/screen-w
Note: Make sure you're running /usr/bin/tic, not /usr/local/bin/tic (comes with some sunfreeware package). The /usr/local/bin/tic will write it's terminfo file to /usr/local/share/terminfo which isn't used by any shell I've tried, not by default anyway. Something to keep in mind.

Now you've got a screen terminfo entry. Setting your TERM to 'screen' should work now, which is the default inside new screen sessions.