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Puppet Trick - Exported Resource Expiration

I've finally taken the plunge with puppet's exported resources.

"Exported resources" is a feature of puppet that allows your nodes to export resources to other nodes. You can read more about this feature on puppet's exported resources documentation. Covering how to setup exported resources or storeconfigs is out of scope, but if you need help read the docs and come to #puppet on freenode IRC.

Exported resources are pretty cool, but they lack one important feature - expiration/purging. The storeconfigs database has no idea about nodes that you have decommissioned or repurposed, so it's very possible to leave exported resources orphaned in your database.

I worked around this by making my resources such that I can expire them. This is done by making a custom define that has a 'timestamp' field that defaults to now, when registering each time. If a node has not checked in (and updated its resources) recently, I will consider that resource expired and will purge it.

I made a demo of this and put the code on github: jordansissel/puppet-examples/exported-expiration. More details (and example output of multiple runs with expiration) are available in the README.

The demo is runnable by itself (standalone, no puppet master), so you can test it without needing to mess with your own puppet installations.