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newpsm/newmoused update - merge into -CURRENT preparation

Lots of hours were spent today preparing the new moused and psm code for import into the FreeBSD source tree. I don't have a commit bit to CVS, so I'll have to wait on having it committed. This wait time will probably be spent fixing bugs, writing a decent rc script, and improving configuration options.

This update is only known to work for -CURRENT. The patch can be found on the newpsm project page. I had a friend test the patch against 6.0-RELEASE, and it seemed to apply cleanly with the exception that patch(1) got confused about sys/sys/mouse.h. Tell patch to not attempt to reverse-apply the patch, then tell it yes for trying the patch anyway. No guarantees if it doesn't build.

You can find almost all the information you need on the newpsm project page. If you find bugs, are interested in helping test, or have questions or comments, please contact me :)