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new keynav version available (20091231)

Hop on over to the keynav project page and download the new version.

The changelist from the previous announced release is as follows:

  - Try repeatedly to grab the keyboard with XGrabKeyboard on 'start' commands.
    This loop is a necessary workaround for programs like xbindkeys that could
    launch keynav but at the time of launch still hold a keyboard grab
    themselves. Reported by Colin Shea.

  - Nonfunctional bug fixes and other code cleanup from patches by Russell Harmon

  - Some internal code refactor/cleanup
  - Reduce drawing flicker by drawing to a Pixmap and blitting to the window.
  - Allow commands to be given on keynav startup. (Reported by Colin Shea)
    The same commands valid as keybindings are valid as startup commands:
    % keynav "start, grid 3x3"
  - Allow clicking through the keynav grid window area (Reported by Yuri D'Elia)
  - Support daemonizing using the 'daemonize' command in keynavrc. Added an
    example to the distributed keynavrc.
  - Use new library features given by xdotool/libxdo 20091231.01

  - Support linking against if it is found, otherwise we build xdo.o
    into keynav. The original intent of including xdotool in the release package
    was to make make it easy to build keynav without a packaging system. Now
    that more distros have keynav and xdotool, this requirement is less

    This change is in response to Debian rqeuest: