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new keynav version available (20080614.01)

Hop on over to the keynav project page and download the new version.

The changelist from the previous announced release is as follows:

  - Several bug fixes and feature additions suggested by Yuri D'Elia.
  - Sync xdotool library to 20080606
  - Added default key binding Ctrl+[ as 'end' (requested by Luke Macken)
  - New command: 'sh' - Executes shell commands.
    Example keynavrc: ctrl+x sh "xterm -bg black -fg white"
  - New command: 'history-back' - Undo a window change operation
    Example keynavrc: a history-back
    + Such operations include: cut-*, grid, cell-select, move-*
    + The history size is currently hard-coded at 100 entries.
    + If you exceed 100 moves, the oldest entry will be removed.
    + Every time keynav is activated, the history is wiped.
  - Fix: Any command starting with "start" is now bound globally.
  - Fix: All rendering is delayed until after the end of the current command
    sequence. This fixes (in order of annoyance, worst first):
    1) Crash when a 'start' and 'end' exist in the same command sequence.
    2) Visible 2x2 grid first, before a 3x3 grid when the start command is
       'start, grid 3x3'
    3) Rendering blinking a full white window on the screen before clipping to
       the grid.
    4) Visible blink when "cut-left,cut-up" and such are run simultaneously.
  - Fix: If the 'start' command is invoked again while keynav is active, then
    the default arrangement is set (full screen and 2x2 grid). Previously, the
    'start' command was a no-op if keynav was active.