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new keynav version available (20080522)

Hop on over to the keynav project page and download the new version.

The changelist from the previous announced release is as follows:

  - Sync xdotool library to 20080521.
  - Added 2 grid examples to keynavrc
  - Applied patches from Richard Kolkovich
    + Fix backwards math when calculating Nth cell when using 'cell-select N'
    + Fix dislexia when doing 'cell-select NxM'
    + Abort update() calls when app is inactive.
  - Now warns you if you try to execute an invalid command.
(Yes, 0522 is tomorrow. Turns out uploads to googlecode are write-once, so I'll need to come up with an additional versioning scheme that lets me push multiple releases in a single day in case I find something bad after I upload a release.)