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new keynav version available (20070903)

Hop on over to the keynav project page and download the new version.

The changelist from the previous announced release is as follows:

  - Drag is now working. Problem was KeyEvent.state contains masks such as
    | Button1Mask which is set when mouse button 1 is held, so keybindings stopped
    | working. Ignoring Button[1-5]Mask in this value fixes the problem.
  - Drag takes two optional arguments: a button followed by a keysequence to fire.
    | 'drag 1 alt' will do an alt+leftclick drag.
    | 'drag 2' will do a middleclick drag.
  - sync to [email protected]
  - Fix a bug in parse_mods and parse_keysym where it was destructively changing the string.
  - Fix a bug where I was using the loop iterator 'i' inside another for loop. Oops.
  - Add to defaults my nethack-vi-style diagonal keybindings