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New keynav release available (0.20101014)

The keynav project gets a upgrade today. Some small feature additions and bug fixes.

Download: keynav-0.20101014.3067.tar.gz

Changes from the previous release:

  - Added 'restart' command. Makes keynav restart. Useful for binding a key to
    reload the config.
  - Added 'loadconfig' command. This lets you include additional config files
    to load on the command line or in one of the default keynavrc files.
    (requested by Axel Beckert)
  - keynav will now restart if it receives SIGHUP or SIGUSR1
  - Map 'Enter' by default to 'warp,click 1,end' (requested by Axel Beckert)
    by Axel Beckert)
  - Fix a bug causing the point under the mouse cursor to not click through the
    keynav window in certain conditions. Reported via mailing list by Eric Van
    Dewoestine and Krister Svanlund.