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New keynav release available (0.20100302)

It's time for a new keynav release. The main push for this release was to fix problems with building against the new libxdo (xdotool) versions.

Additionally, there is one new feature: "record"

Recording lets you record a series of actions in keynav and replay them later much like you would in vim. Only keynav actions are recorded.

  - Started using glib for dynamic arrays (GPtrArray)
  - Uses new versioning scheme
  - Added 'version' (or -v or --version) to output the keynav version
  - Now requires (via xdotool)
  - Add ability to record keynav actions with the 'record' command. Optional argument
    is a filename to save the recordings to for persistence across keynav runs.
    Example in keynavrc to bind 'q' to record to ~/.keynav_macros:
      q record ~/.keynav_macros
    Works similar to vim recording.
      1) Hit record once
      2) Type the key you want to record to
      3) Do things in keynav you want recorded.
      4) Any 'end' operation or hitting record again will terminate and save
         this recording.
    Recordings only persist if you specify a file to save to, otherwise they are lost
    across keynav restarts.

  - Try repeatedly to grab the keyboard with XGrabKeyboard on 'start' commands.
    This loop is a necessary workaround for programs like xbindkeys that could
    launch keynav but at the time of launch still hold a keyboard grab
    themselves. Reported by Colin Shea.

  - Nonfunctional bug fixes and other code cleanup from patches by Russell Harmon