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jQuery on XML Documents

Ever since BarCampNYC, I've been geeking out working with jQuery, a project by my good friend John Resig. It's a JavaScript library that takes ideas from Prototype and Behavior and some good smarts to make writing fancy JavaScript pieces so easy I ask myself "Why wasn't this available before?" I won't bother going into the details of how the library works, but it's based around querying documents. It supports CSS1, CSS2 and CSS3 selectors (and some simple XPath) to query documents for fun and profit.

In the car ride back from BarCampNYC, I asked Resig if he knew whether or not jQuery would work for querying on xml document objects. "Well, I'm not sure" was the response. I took the time today to test that theory. Becuase jQuery does not rely on document.getElementById() to look for elements the way Prototype does. Bypassing that limitation, you can successfully query XML documents and even subdocuments of HTML or XML. This is fantastic.

Today's magic was a demo I wrote to pull my rss feed via XMLHttpRequest (AJAX) and very simply pull the data I wanted to use out of the XML document object returned.

The gist of the magic of jQuery revolves around the $() function. This function is generations ahead of what the Prototype $() function provides.

The magic is here, in the XMLHttpRequest onreadystatechange function

// For each 'item' element in the RSS document, alert() out the title.
var entries = $("item",xml.responseXML).each(
   function() {
      var title = $(this).find("title").text();
      alert("Title: " + title);
The actual demo is quite impressive, I think. I can query through a complex XML document in only a few lines of code. Select the data you want, use it, go about your life. So simple!

View the RSS-to-HTML jQuery Demo