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Installing Windows 8 Consumer Preview

I have a fresh workstation and am running through the windows 8 installer on USB. When choosing the drive to install to, I get an error:
We couldn't create a new partition or locate an existing one
Lots of googling and I didn't find any hints for windows 8, but windows 7 has a similar error and folks pointed at diskpart nonsense to fix it. So let's do that -
  • At the installer, choose "Repair your computer"
  • Choose "troubleshoot"
  • Choose "advanced options"
  • Choose "command prompt"
  • Run diskpart.
In diskpart, you'll want to make sure your target drive is formatted and active.
list disk

# now pick your disk
select disk 0
create partition
format fs=ntfs compress quick
Now reboot and try the installer again, it worked for me.