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Grok porting to C++

I've got pattern generation working.
% ./test '%NUMBER%' "hello 45.04" "-1.34"
Testing: %NUMBER%
Appending pattern 'NUMBER'
Test str: '(?:[+-]?(?:(?:[0-9]+(?:\.[0-9]*)?)|(?:\.[0-9]+)))'
regexid: 0x692840
Match: 1 / '45.04'
Match: 1 / '-1.34'
I'm pretty sure this is the 4th time I've at least started implementing grok in any given language. The total so far has been: perl, python, ruby, C++. I stopped working on the one in ruby because ruby's regexp engine is lacking in some useful features (*). The python port of grok was written before I added advanced predicates, which is why the ruby port was halted quickly.

(*) I opened a ruby feature request explaining a few problems I'd found with ruby's regexp feature. I even offered to help fix some of them. Circular discussions happened and I basically gave up on the idea of moving to ruby after ruby's own creator expressed a defeatist attitude about adding such a feature. My patches are still available. I don't particularly care that my request hasn't gone anywhere, so don't ask me about it, as I've happily moved on :)

Assuming I do this right, this should give grok a serious boost in speed.